TSU Toronados - Please Heart Don't Break (7" Mix) / Ain't Nothin' Nowhere (7" Mix) (RSD 2023)

A first official reissue of this vintage Houston double header from TSU Toronados – the house band for Ovide who recorded the original ‘Tighten Up’ riff. With originals of the 7 inch selling on the second-hand market for £300+, it’s high time a reissue hit the shelves. Side A sees a crossover, mellow groove classic in the form of ‘Please Heart Don’t Break’ full to the brim with emotion encapsulated in those sweet vocals and harmonies. On the flip you’re treated to the energetic excellence of ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Nowhere’, an up-tempo funk jam with a raucous trading off of voices in the mix. Two super collectable cuts across a multitude of scenes. Red label version original black sleeve.