Omas - Plying Trade REDUCED


Plying Trade is the new instrumental hip hop album on Soundweight Records from beatmaker, Omas.

Omas is a DJ / Producer / Engineer from Manchester, UK.

After releasing several 45’s on the My First Moth label, laying cuts and scratches for a slew of artists, being an
integral part of The Natural Curriculum and Dayse & Aver with live shows and multiple vinyl releases and DJ’ing
across the UK and Europe over the last 12 years; Omas now has his first full length solo project.

The album is recorded, produced and mixed by Omas. It’s entirely instrumental but has a running theme of vocal
samples and scratches throughout its eleven full
 tracks and four interludes. It moulds gritty and raw hip hop
production with unique and attention-grabbing arrangements that create full songs without the need for lyrical content.