Police, The - Live Vol.2


• First time on vinyl for the first official live album collection, originally released on a 2CD set in 1995, from The Police. • Two separate double LPs showcase the band in two stages: Volume 2 Recorded on the American leg of their Synchronicity tour in 1983 during a stop in Georgia, at a show at The Omni in Atlanta. The show highlights a band at its peak, their already sophisticated sound being complemented by three background vocalists - Dollette Mc Donald, Tessa Niles and Michelle Cobb. Highlights include Tea in the Sahara, Every Breath You Take, Synchronicity I and Synchronicity II as well as huge hits - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da and Don't Stand So Close To Me. Remastered in 2020 at Abbey Road exclusively for this release Pressed on heavyweight coloured vinyl: Vol. 2 – red vinyl Disc One Side A 1. Synchronicity I 2:53 2. Synchronicity II 4:44 3. Walking In Your Footsteps 4:55 4. Message In A Bottle 4:35 Side B 1. O My God 3:36 2. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 4:32 3. Wrapped Around Your Finger 5:21 4. Tea In The Sahara 4:52 Disc Two Side A 1. Spirits In The Material World 2:57 2. King Of Pain 5:53 3. Don't Stand So Close To Me 3:46 4. Every Breath You Take 4:37