Jorun Bombay -Joyus Remix/Good Morning (feat Jah'Mila)


In the words of Jorun Bombay: "Joyous" is a remix of the infamous disco funk track with new elements courtesy of Sean Weber who replayed the entire horn section and some conga work by Chris at Cafe Cempoal and Forrest Dank on the vibes.


"Good Morning" is an original tune I wrote + produced & hired Jah'Mila to sing on as well as the incredible talents of Jody Stefan Lyne , Alec Frith, Forrest Dank and Chris at Cafe Cempoal. It's sort of an answer record to "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" except it's more of a morning wake-up-motivation-start-your-day track. You can play it all year round! (not just the summer)