Northern Soul Top 500 by Kev Roberts - Book


In 2000, the first book of its kind focussed on the popularity of the music culture NORTHERN SOUL.

A skilful and accurate appraisal of the much spoke about ‘scene’ culminated in strong sales not only from seasoned event goers and collectors, but newcomers with a thirst for knowledge about why these records are so sought after while largely being ignored upon first release.


Fast forward 22 years and the author reinvigorated decided to re-assemble the entire popularity of the legendary music genre by categorising THREE different 500’s, DJ Top 10’s and a Bubbling Under.


What is the true number 1 single?
Which 45’s have sky rocketed in value?


Contributions from legendary scene figures and historians such as Richard Searling, Tim Brown, Val Shively, Ian Dewhirst, Ginger Taylor, Karl White, Steve Woomble, Jonathan Woodliffe and many more.


Fascinating facts and trivia with a lifetime of experience.
The traditional big turntable hits followed by the emergence of a Soul night chart and a Rarer more collector focussed listing, are all featured in one glorious salute to probably the most remarkable music culture of all time.